Branded photography & why you need it


If you’re a professional or a part-time freelance photographer, looking good is key to gaining more business and keeping your client happy.

I’ve been wearing unbranded clothing for sometime and then it came to me, surely an investment of around $40 was worthwhile in an Embroidered Polo Shirts from Logos 4 Polos (highly recommended!).

So have a think, you’re missing an opportunity if you’re not wearing your brand when you’re taking photos – who knows who might see you!

Weddings: Videography and the growing trend in the UK

When I was in the UK in Summer 2014, I caught up with a good friend Paul Hubbard Essex based Videographer. I followed him around for a Wedding he was shooting and Paul was explaining the increasing popularity of Wedding Videography in the UK and the new fashion.

I’ll leave you with this moving Wedding.

Tip: To save on a videography, hire a GoPro from a company in the UK to film yourself and send it back after you’re done :D.


Photo of the month: January 2015 (and plans for my blog in 2015)

Welcome to not only my first post, but my first feature I’ll be bringing to this blog.

First of all my name is Daryl Braithwaite, a 35 photographer from the US, you can find out more about me here.

Photo of the month will be photos that I love and will feature on the side of this blog, if you’d like your photo to be considered for the photo of the month for February then get in touch via the contact page.