The importance of back ups

I can’t stress how important it is to have multiple back ups of your photos. A few years back I used to store all my photos onto my laptop, back then I could only afford small memory cards for my camera as they used to be so expensive. So because of the space issue I … [Read more…]

Weddings: Another trend I found in the UK

Some of you main have seen my post last month about the trend of Wedding Videographers in the UK. Here’s another one I found. Photo booths, yes, you heard it here first. It’s huge in the UK and will only roll out across the whole of the world. Image source thanks to OMG Entertainments, photo … [Read more…]

Photo of the month: February

Welcome back to photo of the month, where we feature a photo on the site for the whole of the month. So February is here, and this month’s photo is a special one from Paul at Pauls Studio in the UK.   I loved this photo so much I’ve even set it as my background … [Read more…]